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Alex comes with over 20 years of Fitness industry experience coupled with a degree in Biochemistry. During his time over the past 20 years you could have found him in John Wick, NBC’s Blacklist, WWE Tough Enough, or even as a Planet Fitness Lunk. Alex looks to continue to grow Performance Supplements with honesty and integrity as well as bring you all the highest quality ingredients in the products the market has to offer! 

Performance Supplements: 

Chad Lundy

Chad comes with over 16 years in the fitness industry. Having over 15 different certifications in personal training and nutrition. And over the course of 16 years you could have seen him and numerous fitness expos and diff venues across the country including the Arnold classic as well as ESPN competing as a Pro Armwrestler in the light heavy , heavy and super heavy categories. 

My goal for Performance Supplements is to educate people in properly using supplements and reaching their fitness goals. You can find me Monday through Friday at the shop for all your fitness needs as well as workout routines or any other questions you may have 

athlete speciality: Cross-Fit & Functional Fitness

Jennifer Gerasimos

My name is Jen! I spent many of her childhood years in the pool, competing in the sport of diving.  Graduating with a BA in psychology and leaving her collegiate athletics behind, she was in search of a similar athletic endeavor and discovered CrossFit in 2015.  It was CrossFit that unveiled a natural gift in weightlifting and a fondness towards the Olympic lifts.  Two years in, she chose to follow the coaching path and now has a CrossFit Level 2 Certification and an Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification. 

Outside of the gym, Jen enjoys coaching high school diving, getting outdoors, and spending time with her family.  Jen competes locally in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting for fun as a means to scratch her competitive itch and get out of her comfort zone, and will always strive to become stronger and faster. Her Olympic Weightlifting cycle has her set to compete in a meet in 2023. The Tacitcal Games is now on her radar, and is set to compete in September 2022. 


Athlete Specialty: IFFB Pro Bodybuilder

Rene Marven

I’m originally from Wappingers Falls NY. After earning my IFBB Pro card in 2012 Moved to Vegas to pursue bodybuilding in 2013, ended up staying there for about 9 years. I’ve always been involved with fitness in some capacity, from personal training to managing the Bodicafe (popular shop in Vegas), and helping clients online reach their fitness goals.

 Over the years Ive entered a few professional competitions, 2013 Toronto Pro 8th place WBB, 2014 Omaha Pro 8th place WBB, 2016 Dayana Cadeu Pro Figure 6th place. 2018 I was heavily involved in a new type of competition (Superleague) based out of City Athletic Club in Las Vegas. 

My hobbies will always include some form of competitive nature, fitness, and health. Outside of fitness, I enjoy being creative with art, taking care of my dogs, getting outside (when its not scorching hot lol) movies, traveling to new places and of course top of the list is family time! I’m relatively new to the area, moved in with my boyfriend and his daughter in Chandler AZ! 

We are both IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, although I’ve been off the stage for quite some time. Over this past year, he has inspired me to make a “comeback”. We are both preparing to compete mid 2023. 

Birthday: January 19, 1987 (age 35)
Height: 5’2″ 
Weight: currently off-season 156 lbs
Coach: Fakhri Mubarak 
2023 Goals: Qualify for Olympia & earn an invite to the WOS Rising Phoenix 
Favorite “cheat” foods: Sushi, Guacamole & chips, Ice cream, sweet potato fries
Favorite healthy foods: Chicken, Rice & Grinds (cream of rice), Professor nutz pb, Ezekiel bread 
IG @Rene_Marven
athlete speciality: Strongman

Nathan Meier

Hello my name is Nathan Meier. I workout of Crossfit Raidho. I am a masters strongman for performance supplements. I found my passion for strongman watching the worlds strongest man competitions. Although I am only 5’6″ I still plan on competing against the big boys.

   My favorite food is all of it (except tomatoes..YUCK).  I am currently in school(better late than never) for sports and entertainment management. In my spare time I sleep…and take Epsom salt baths(good times).
  I am excited to be apart of this growing brand and will do whatever I can to help the brand expand nationwide… use nart10 for a good discount
Athlete Specialty: PowerLifting 

Morgan Leon

Hi my name is Morgan Leon, im 20 and a USAPL powerlifter. I did swim, soccer and track in high school. I started going to the gym in 2020 for my senior grad trip…but then covid ruined everything. So then I started back up in 2021 and got ready for my first comp. I’m an Arizona native and I really love this state for what it has to offer. 

I had my first meet in August of ‘21 and have competed in three other meets leading up to Europa 2022 on August 6th. My favorite meal to eat is steak, rice and asparagus. I like to ride the flow rider down in Mesa, lift, take pictures and online shop 😌 I am in the process of becoming a police recruit and my entry date in in January of ‘23. 

athlete speciality: NPC Figure Competitor

kristin Golden

Hi I am Kristin Golden! I am proud to be a Performance Athlete! I am a 40 year old mom of two that has always worked out, but in the last year I have started training and competing in NPC competitions as a figure competitor. I work full time as an area manager for Restore Motion, which is a full service orthopedic durable medical equipment company. I am also a certified and licensed athletic trainer and provide coverage for many per diem athletic events.

 I am originally from Iowa own a second home in Guttenberg, along the Mississippi River. I have a BA in Athletic Training from The University of Iowa as well as a Master’s Degree in Leisure Studies from the University of Iowa. I may have started late to competing, but I really enjoy training and competing and only see the future possibilities I hope to achieve!

Athlete Specialty: NPC Bodybuilding

Chris Schuck

About me: I am originally from Chicago and have now been in Arizona for the past 4 years. I am an online Coach as well as in person and specialize in lifestyle and body building athletes. I have been competing in Body Building for the past 3 1/2 years and plan to go the distance into the pro league. I love food so they tend to conflict with each other but we do what we can! I plan on staying in Arizona for the time being unless an opportunity presents itself elsewhere!

athlete speciality: Trainer/Coach Tactical Competitor

Richard Escarcega

Bio coming soon

Athlete Specialty: Strongwoman/Bikini Competitor

Dani Green

Dani Green 

Wife of 15 years and mother of 3! 
I started my fitness journey back in April 2019. Started in CrossFit. The goal was to just loose weight for my 10 year wedding anniversary, but something sparked! 
From there I just craved to know more and do more within the fitness world. 
In 2020, with Covid and all the crazy-  I focused on bodybuilding and had my goal in mind. Working out at home and super focused on diet! 
July 2021 I had my first bikini show. 
After my show, I decided to start getting certified in personal training, nutrition, group fitness, recovery and strength training. Currently learning all the things All while having a few clients! 
Started Momsterfit in 2021 and excited to see where that takes me! 
Currently I am training strongman and tactical. 
Moving from CrossFit, to bodybuilding and now strongman, each one of them I love. I Love the time put in, the effort it takes and what I am learning about myself. Each one so different! 
With how fitness has helped me mentally, physically, I want to help others around me find their own passion for it. For them to know that they can do it and  Help them remove the “can’t” from the vision they have. #notjustamom 
athlete speciality: NPC Bikini Competitor

Molly Kay

My name is Molly Kay. I am born and raised from Mountaintop PA. I am a single Mommy to two wonderful children who are my absolute world. I am a full time healthcare worker working in long term care for 22 years. I’ve been involved in sports my entire life. My children are also just as active as Mommy and live in the gym with me. In my early 20’s I competed in bikini, switched to powerlifting and by 40 made a comeback in womens wellness. 

My goal is to get my pro card in 2023. In my spare time I enjoy anything outdoors. I also enjoy rescuing pitbulls or any bully breed dog with my kiddos from the worst case scenario you can imagine and help rehabilitate them. We are on rescue number 3! I also train people on the side when I have time. I am extremely blessed and grateful to be an athlete for performance supplements and cannot wait to see what the future may hold!

athlete speciality: Powerlifting/Coach

Leon Bradfod

20 years of strength training experience.

7 years of competitive powerlifting.

Founded Bradford Strength Systems in 2018.

Currently coaching out of MDE Athletics.

Arizona State records in the USAPL – Squat, Bench and total in the SHW Open Raw division.

Arizona State record holder in the APF – Bench SHW classic raw open. Also bench, squat, deadlift and total SHW sub master classic raw.

Competed at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2019 for the battle of the regions with the USAPL.

Athlete Specialty: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Tony laGrene

Hi my name is Tony LaGrene and I am an ifbb pro. 
I am originally from Rockford Illinois – near Chicago.  I have competed in many things in my life – martial arts, road racing motorcycles, racing true race go-karts, online racing with Dale Earnhardt Jr, and now to bodybuilding.
I started very late in life with bodybuilding at the age of almost 49.  I was told I should compete so we gave it a shot.  I turned pro in my 4th show at Masters Nationals.  I continue to improve so I will keep going.
I also train clients in person so if your looking to change your physique- doesn’t have to be bodybuilding- just change I can help. 
athlete speciality: NPC Wellness Athlete/Coach

Cristy Kropa

My name is Cristy Lynn Kropa, I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two children, and I am honored to be a Performance Supplement Athlete.

Here is a little about me.

I am a First Place Nationally Qualified NPC Wellness Athlete with 8 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Since a noticeably young age, I have been an athlete. Despite this, my journey in health and wellness began when I was at my lowest point.

Following my second pregnancy, I struggled for two years with postpartum depression. By the time I realized it, it was almost too late.

As an alternative to antidepressants, I became more involved in wellness programs. My reflections quickly recalled what an incredible athlete I am.

My personal experience includes group instruction, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. In this world, I am thirsty for knowledge. My studies led me to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist.

 Coaching people to live their best lives is my passion, and I am now striving to qualify as an NPC Wellness Pro Athlete. Collaborating daily with my clients, I push myself to become my highest self. In my evolution, I have lost 110 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life.

Having the opportunity to compete and teach fitness has been the most rewarding part of my career; I will never forget the friendships and people I have met. In a ripple effect, I can pass healthy habits to people. I have helped hundreds of clients lose body fat and gain muscle, but what I am best known for is helping them break unhealthy habits that were keeping them from living the life they wanted.


Athlete Specialty: CrossFit & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Ashlee & AJ Frost

Aj and Ashlee 47 and 34 and we have four children
We are fitness junkies and love all things related to movement. We actually met at the gym.We both use to be in the bodybuilding scene and have competed. over the years we have changed our fitness passions. Aj started Brazilian jiu jitsu and competes as a blue belt. He also does CrossFit. Ashlee does Olympic lifting and CrossFit with the goal to compete inCrossFit starting this  year. 

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