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Hungry? Why wait! It is finally here, the much anticipated Chocolate Caramel Candy Bar peanut butter. We all know that grabbing a Snickers bar isn’t feasible for a lot of our diets, but this nut butter is!

We start with dry roasted peanuts. We toast the peanuts over an open flame, just like all of the nuts we use in our process. We do NOT roast our nuts in oil.

After we start with the open flame toasted peanuts, we add one of the healthiest fats on the planet in coconut oil. Let’s be real, you eat peanut butter for the healthy fats; we just upped the game by giving you a better version of fats than most nut butters on the planet.

As always with FIt Butters, we use brand name ingredients. We use REAL Snickers in our version of Chocolate Caramel Candy Bar. This gives you a nice chocolate, caramel and nougat flavor. We didn’t feel that was enough, so we added in real caramel baking bits to give you that caramel flavor you love.

FIt Butter Benefits:

ALL nuts toasted over an open flame in-house
HIGHEST quality protein sources
HEALTHY fats from nuts and coconut oil
FRIENDLY macros for the fitness loving lifestyle
EVERY jar created with love and care from FIt Butters
With all of our amazing nut butters we need to have an amazing protein. We’ve elected to use NutraOne Protein Creations Chocolate Caramel Peanut Candy Bar whey protein to give you a full amino acid profile and amazing flavor. No, we are not a high protein nut butter, but we are a complete protein nut butter with amazing flavor and textures.

To learn more about NutraOne visit their website here.

Storage Recommendations:

FIt Butters are not required to be refrigerated.

FIt Butters can be stored at room temperature. Avoid putting your FIt Butter in direct light to extend the shelf life. Storage in a dark pantry or room is best.

Refrigeration can extend the shelf life of your FIt Butter but it is not required. If you choose to refrigerate your FIt Butter please know it may harden, but will soften back at room temperature.

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