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SuperHuman Scorch


Scorch stubborn fat by increasing thermogenesis and burning more calories without extra work— SuperHuman Scorch is the world’s FIRST and ONLY liquid fat burner to combine MitoBurn™ & CaloriBurn™ with Carnitine in a delicious, calorie-free liquid shot.


A New Breed Of “Super Thermogenic” Born To Scorch Fat Like Never Before†

SuperHuman Scorch is NOT your typical liquid carnitine. It’s the future of “super thermogenics.”

SuperHuman Scorch is the world’s FIRST and ONLY liquid fat burner to combine MitoBurn™, CaloriBurn™, L-Carnitine and GBB into a delicious calorie-free liquid shot, creating a “super thermogenic” that will leave you burning fat faster and longer.†

Increase Thermogenesis

“Thermogenesis” is the process of heat production in the body for energy expenditure. SuperHuman Scorch straps a jetpack on this process to help you burn fat fast by skyrocketing thermogenic effects within you.†
Burns more calories

SuperHuman Scorch helps you smash the fast-forward button on your daily caloric burning.† And we all know what happens to stubborn fat when we burn more calories!
Increases metabolism

Remember when you were younger and could eat an entire pizza without gaining an ounce? While we can’t magically transform you back to those glory days, SuperHuman Scorch helps accelerate metabolism so you can burn fat insanely fast.†
Promotes the browning of fat

There’s two types of fat: brown (good) and white (bad) fat. SuperHuman Scorch helps convert the bad fat to the good fat, which can be used for energy instead of unwanted fat storage.†

Weight15 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 6 in

Scorch Berry, Shred Berry


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