The Daily Performance Stack


Bringing you the Daily Performance Stack!
Your daily vitamin, Vita-Grow
Your Pre-Workout, Pre-Grow
& Your Recovery/Hydration, Intra-Grow

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1 review for The Daily Performance Stack

Austin Turner (verified owner)

Overall review of the stack: Great products made by great people!

PRE-GROW review:
-flavor profile is awesome
-mixes well and tastes great
-you can feel the increased energy & focus within 20-30 mins (I take 1/2 scoop and is more than enough)
-HYDRO PRIME is legit! (with no Agmatine sulfate, I was apprehensive about its immediate effectiveness, boy was I wrong!)
-noticeable strength and endurance improvement in the first week + I feel like I can lift for days

INTRA-GROW review:
-flavor profile is solid
-mixes well and tastes great
-great 2:1:1 blend + all essential amino acids
-can feel the vast improvement in my recovery, I’m able to push myself harder, longer, and more consistently

VITA-GROW review:
-great blend of fruits and veggies to help with my daily intake goals (and challenges lol)
-love the Omega 3-6-9 + COQ-10
-easy to digest (encapsulated products typically don’t settle well in my stomach, no issues with vita-grow)

Love that they take a no BS, no filler approach to supplements, truly taking into account what’s best in order to perform your best!

The name is 100% accurate, if you want to perform in the gym and in life, turn to Performance Supplements

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